Venture Beat: Karma Platform ‘Extremely Powerful’


Karma Platform, the software solution which instantly transforms spreadsheets into full-featured web apps, has been called ‘interesting and potentially extremely powerful for businesses’ in a lengthy feature on Venture Beat, the leading publication for news and perspective on the most innovative technologies.

The wide-ranging article discusses numerous aspects of the software product and company, including key features and benefits, a successful customer implementation, the company’s attendance at the 2013 Dublin Web Summit as an Alpha Exhibitor and even the recent conclusion of a crowdfunding campaign conducted on Indiegogo.

The author, John Koetsier, identifies spreadsheets as a headache for businesses of all sizes.

“Karma. Anyone who has spent too much time in Excel spreadsheets needs some. Good karma, that is,” he writes, and highlights why Karma Platform is a potential solution for business users:

“The great thing about Excel spreadsheets is that they’re simple, quick to create, and cheap to make and share. But they’re also hard to keep track of, hard to share, and hard to keep current. Web apps are great for sharing and keeping data up-to-date, but they’re typically expensive to create, expensive to update, and not extremely flexible.”

He enumerates the key features of the system, including that “creating an app is as simple as creating a spreadsheet” and how “change management is easy.”

Ultimately, Koetsier concludes: “The platform is interesting and potentially extremely powerful for businesses.”

Along with appearing on Venture Beat, Karma Platform is part of the 2013 Bloomberg Grow Investment Forum in London and featured in the Dublin Web Summit Pitch Competition, one of 150 companies invited to compete out of a field of 6,000 entrants.

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Read the full article at Venture Beat.

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